The newest households are generally speaking out of clay, of course actually you will find a wall surface it has now disappeared

The newest households are generally speaking out of clay, of course actually you will find a wall surface it has now disappeared

H. 921, it must have been A great

(199) Dubudu away from Marmol. Debdou, this new well-known even when hardly ever went to Debdu for the river of the identical identity (a great tributary of your Muluia), and you may depending in the peak out-of step 3,717 legs. above the Mediterranean, to the a rock, that person of which is anywhere between 2 hundred feet. and 3 hundred foot. perpendicular. On the top was a majestic fortress that have crumbling systems ; the town is comprising the latest customary rectangular flat-roofed houses. Of one’s dos,000 population, three-fourths was Jews-Debdu as the simply added Morocco where the Israelites surpass the fresh Mohammedans from inside the amounts. But they have to be simple to control, for De Foucauld, when he went to the place, discover no affiliate of expert resident, the latest Kaid of Taza or one of his true lieutenants paying down any quarrels and you may event the brand new Sultan’s imposts after they emerged on the rounds. The metropolis was enclosed by breathtaking landscapes away from vines, olives, pomegranates, or other good fresh fruit, as the remaining portion of the Debdu valley are clothed that have sphere out of wheat and you will barley. Springs is actually numerous, the outdated fortress having one to inside their enciente. The town ‘s the very first with the Moroccan frontier hence does an everyday exchange that have Algeria, Tlemsen and you can Lalla-Maghrnia as the head cities with which the fresh townsmen tourist. Regarding the account provided by Leo and you can Marmol, Debdu try, in the days of brand new Beni-Marini, an urban area of some importance, and its own renewal in the rust towards the which it fell has come mainly due to brand new influence of your neighbouring French colony. In Leo’s membership the next glosses is of use: -The fresh Beni Guertaggen, Beni-guertenax (Marmol) had been relations out of Abd este-Hakk ; Mose (Muse) Ibnu Chamu, Mugaben Camu off ainsi que is actually Ahmed; Saich, Saic, onenightfriend premium apk Told you, is said II El-Uatas(Quattas): as he reigned up until 1527 he was king at that time Leo is creating, although day, once we have seen, have to have become most just before 1526 (which Poryadds as the an email), that year as being the one in which vol. i off Ramusio’s Viaggi is actually wrote (look for Introduction). 904 isn’t A beneficial.D. 1495, however, 1499. If the Leo is here in A.D. 1515, and this some drops inside the to your chronology away from his existence just like the deduced out-of their own account. (200) Tezar, or Teza out-of Marmol, the present day Tazza, Taza, or Tesa, perched extremely picturesquely towards a beneficial cliff, 2,034 legs- more than ocean-height, 272 feet. across the bed of your own Wad Taza, and you can 427 ft. over regarding new Wad Innauen. Specific has suggested that it is brand new old Colonia Iulia Babba Campestris, which had been created likely be operational because of the Claudius, and you may hence gotten some favours of Augustus. Pliny claims, ” Ab Lixo XL Milliaria during the Mediterraneo altera pestris appellata” ; but it is not yet determined if or not the guy form 40 miles from the new lake Lixus (Wad el-Kus), otherwise regarding city of you to


The word Babba, regarding the Punic code, implied “on tree”-offer silvam-just like the A good ntonine Schedule frequently cards off cities from inside the this next wooded area. Very maybe it actually was the new Bani Teude away from Leo (p. Tissot believes one some vestiges out-of antiquity, rumoured in order to survive in the Es-Serif, a city closed so you’re able to Europeans, are that from Babba. What Jaubert translates Baba Kelam into the Edrisi, is in reality Bab Aklam, so that it might be idle to track people commitment ranging from this one and Babba. But not, the current Taza try a properly-understood urban area, though barely went to of the Europeans, and from now on timely losing towards the decay. But though the updates from Taza may later on build they a strong strategical point in reference to Fez, it’s right now an awful place on the engineer’s point from glance at.

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