The data is still unlimited, it just doesn’t (appear to) have a full web browser

The data is still unlimited, it just doesn’t (appear to) have a full web browser

It’s still a great deal for someone who just talks and texts a lot. It’s not an iphone by any means, the phones are what you would expect to find for free from Verizon 2-3 years ago.

It’s the Samsung R810C Finesse. It has all of the features that all of the other more expensive phones have including the iPhone.

Which of the “Straight Talk” phones you choose will affect the how extensive the uses of the plan are. For example, you can pay $30 for what I call the “bare bones” phone and buy a $30(limits talk min. and texts) or the $45 card (unlimitd) and you’ll get limited mobile web access. One of the other options is a phone that is $199 and only works with the $45/month unlimited card but that gives you full unilmited internet capability. The only thing WalMart doesn’t carry is a touch-screen phone. I don’t now if Straight Talk it self has that but the last I heard the cost for that phone was over $300 and that’s why Walmart discontinued it. A limited warranty comes with the higher price phones and additional warranties can be purchased.

I am a Straight Talk user, and I think most people can’t use the browser. It probably depends on the phone you purchased. I spent $175 and have an LG android. Had I known I’d have so much trouble with my 3G connecting, I wouldn’t have bought it. I almost feel stuck, but may bite the bullet and go to another provider if things don’t improve soon. I’ve only had 2 months service on this phone and it will be a loss, but this really sucks. I do have full browser capability using the android dolphin browser, but the time spent waiting on connection is disappointing. ??

Straight Talk does actually have a phone that has a full web browser, but the phone costs a little over $300

: So basically, the guy is upset because unlimited data only applies to the actual uses that the phone is intended for..

NO. You are in severe need of a reading comprehension skills class. I would recommend one that covers the basics in your case..ahem. The entire sales pitch is completely-fabricated misleading BS! How’s that for starters? The only reason he was able to discover that “unlimited data” means “very limited data” is because he is a lawyer (which it seems is a neccessary skill set for reading TOS agreements these days, but that’s another post). Take a short walk of a long pier jackass.

Calm yourself … I don’t want another blood vessel in your eye exploding. You remember what that looked like last time. That poor child really shat his pants he was so scared of you.

When you look at their advertisement it says in big letters that the unlimited plan includes 30mb of data usage. It’s printed right in front of the customers’ eyes in big letters. It is only deceiving to people who take no personal responsibility for their actions or purchases.

I’ve been curious about this plan since I heard about it last week and after looking at the phones yesterday I don’t think they’re capable of actual web browsing

BTW, the guy never says this plans totally sucks etc..He even states (for those detractors who actually READ the damn post vs. the idiot of the month AC) in the article that for pure text/voice this MIGHT be a good deal. The problem comes from the comparison of this “unlimited” plan vs. other carriers “all you can eat” services. Such a comparison, as the linked article points out, is useless. So even if this plan were “fair” and not “misleading”, at best you are required to jump through numerous hoops to compare plans. That alone for MANY,MANY,MANY people is a deal killer.

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