🤝 ☕️ By hosting you in our office, so that your dream residence, workplace and other projects will proceed in the most professional way; We set out by trying to understand your wishes and expectations in the healthiest way possible.  

Architectural Project Applications


📝🗓👷🏻‍♀️👷🏻 We determine a meticulous and regular file and date range for the production of quantities and the creation of technical specifications after the processes and drawings are completed in the ongoing project start phase after the discovery.  


📍🚗📐 We come to the location of the project and make the necessary preparations for the exploration, and together with this discovery, we examine the project area. Then we draw the sketch of the area where the Project will be made and, as we talked to you before, we make a suitability analysis in a way that will appeal to your taste. As a result, we give you ideas about the designs.  


💻👩🏻‍💻🧑🏻‍💻We prepare your two-dimensional and three-dimensional layout plans and visual presentations with our licensed drawing programs for your projects, with our high quality, reliable and professional team. In addition, if you need it in the Project; We make the best quality presentations by preparing electrical, mechanical, static and acoustic projects.  


🧑‍🏭🥾 In the next process, everything will be done regularly. After making sure that it is progressing, our construction site teams step in for the follow-up of the work and field application.  


🔑 At the end of all these works, all applications are meticulously checked and after all the decoration is examined again, a turnkey delivery is made to our valued customer.