Acoustic Project

Acoustic project prepared in accordance with the "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings Against Noise" prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and entered into force on May 31, 2018; It is a project that includes the details of the improvements to be made in order to isolate the noise from our living spaces and the measurements, namely acoustic reports.

Considering the unique needs of the new construction project and possible architectural acoustic challenges, some information is needed.

What are the various sound sources in a space - both indoor and outdoor? Do they meet the “noise pollution” criteria, meaning they cause harm or inconvenience to building occupants?

Good acoustic design is built on a strong technical knowledge base. Building design and construction professionals as well as homeowners contact us for services and solutions to help meet the desired specifications and outcome of a project.

Our technical support team is available to work with you to evaluate whether an installation will meet the noise reduction you are trying to achieve. We are also ready to assist you with the right acoustic solutions for your specified requirements.