Who are we?

We would like to tell you about ourselves; Since 2011, with our experienced and professional team, we continue to carry out our Architecture - Domestic and Foreign Trade "Import and Export" activities in Şişli Nişantaşı region. In the first place, let us tell you what kind of activities we are engaged in on Architecture.. Consultancy We are trying to understand exactly what you need on this path we set out with you, by mutual consultation. For this, first of all, we take care to welcome you, our beautiful customers, in our office in the best way possible. We are starting to provide the most accurate consultancy service for you, listening to your dreams and starting to implement suitable designs for you, and we are taking the first step on this path for you. Together with you, we deliver your turnkey to you with peace of mind, with our honest, reliable and professional attitude. 

As Gizem Atmış Architecture, we design and realize beyond your dreams with our love of profession, love of people and young staff.